Card Pouch Attachment to turn Your Mobile Phone into an E-Wallet, Single or 3-Packs (Single Unit, Black)

$9.99 (as of August 20, 2014, 3:01 pm)

Kena Kai's new iROO phone pouch allows you to use your phone as your wallet! The Single-Unit $9.99 or you can save over 30% with the 'Value-Pack' of three (3)

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Kena Kai’s new iROO phone pouch allows you to use your phone as your wallet! The Single-Unit $9.99 or you can save over 30% with the ‘Value-Pack’ of three (3) pouches at only $19.99. The silicone pouch holds two to three credit cards securely while adhering to the back of your phone with a patented 3M adhesive that offers both a strong bond and no residue on your phone when you take the pouch off! The pouch could alternatively carry two credit cards and your license, or a card and your license and several business cards. The aesthetic design of the iROO Pouch is intended to complement today’s slim phone styles. The iROO offers you the non-slip feature of silicone material without being a larger, bulky phone case that hides the phone. If any of your credit cards offer the RFID or “Near Field Communication” (NFC) chip such as ‘Easy Pay’, you can now turn your current phone into an “E-Wallet”. Simply carry your RFID, or NFC, credit card in the iROO Pouch and you can then simply wave your phone — with your card still in the iROO Pouch — in front of the terminal at select retailers, pharmacys, restaurants, movie theaters, etc. and your transaction will be complete. It’s that simple and at locations that do not yet accept these transactions you can simply pull out your card and pay “the old fashion way” by swiping your card! In today’s world where we are hardly ever without our phone, why not try to combine our wallet with our phone!
Single Card Pouches for $9.99 or the 3-Pack Value Pack for $19.99!
Slim, Clean Design Complements Your Phone’s Design While Still Carrying 2-3 Credit Cards, License, and/or Business Cards!
Lightweight and Durable Silicone Material Offers a Snug and Secure Pocket for Your Cards While the Non-Slip Feature of Silicone Will Keep Your Phone from Sliding Around!
Turn Your Phone Into Your Wallet or Use It as a Mini-Wallet to Supplement Your Wallet when You Do Not Need to Carry Every Card!
If You Have Any RFID Credit Cards, such as “PayPass” or “PayWave”, You Can Now Turn Your iPhone or Mobile Phone Into an “E-Wallet” When You Use the iROO Pouch! Simply Keep Your RFID Credit Card in the iROO Pouch, Attached to Your Phone, and Wave the Phone in front of the Electronic Retail Terminal to Pay!

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